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Teleconferencing services

NewTelco specializes in the development and provisioning of smart conference call services since 2005. The reliable and proven technology of traditional telephony results in the best quality possible. In addition we apply the newest internet technology to make our services easy to use.

Transparent and attainable

All product and price information can be found on the websites of the various services. Questions or complaints of customers are resolved within one working day.


If only the best is good enough

NewConference is the most comprehensive teleconference service available. It's usage however is very simple: use only those features that you need.

  • Instant conference calls, no reservations
  • Real time Control Panel
  • Free recording and downloading
  • Local access numbers in over 40 countries
  • Company wide solution
  • Manage chairpersons youself
  • Dial-out and Call-me features
  • WebFlex for sharing presentatons and more

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Presenting via your phone

Easy accessibility for participants. That is the power of Teminar. Participating in an interactive session without the need of complicated hard or software. A phone is all you need.

Why teleseminars?

  • Wide geographic range
  • No expensive meeting location needed
  • Save on travel time and costs

Why Teminar?

  • Simplicity for the participants
  • Full monitoring and control by the speaker
  • Internationale access numbers

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Conference calling without hodgepodge

Teleconferencing for a fixed and low amount per month.

  • Advantageous, no suprises
  • Excellent audio quality
  • Local access numbers in 10 countries for Medium and Large accounts
  • Simplicity first!

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Interpreter over the phone


For professional teleconference interpreter services

WeTolk combines conferencing technology with interpreter services. People that are looking for an interpreter find one fast through the WeTolk website and can submit a request for a session. Interpreters and interpreter agencies can register with WeTolk to make their selves found. Because they work by phone they save a lot of time which allows them to serve more customers.

  • Find an appropriate interpreter rapidly
  • Convenient planning tools
  • Accounts for interpreters and interpreter agencies
  • Free service for invoicing

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Conference calling during your free time

Private Meeting

Private Meeting: group calls for families and friends

  • Simple
  • No account
  • No reservation
  • Inexpensive

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